Evaluation of students takes place over the entire year and final marks are based on major formal exams, unit tests, assignments, projects, and so on. Before the end of September, it is the responsibility of teachers to outline to their students how courses will be evaluated.
Homework assignments are due on the day set by the teacher. Any exceptions MUST be approved in advance. Similarly, students must bring materials required for class. Teachers will keep records of offenders who may be dealt with by a phone call to parents or detention.
Major assignments are due on the date set by the teacher.
Tests must be taken when scheduled unless an acceptable arrangement is made with the teacher, beforehand. If a student is to miss a test, the parent or guardian must call the teacher before the test is given and explain the reason for missing the test.  If the explanation is acceptable, the teacher has the discretion of giving a make-up exam. If a make-up exam is given, it will be given at the earliest opportunity (no advance notice need be given). If no make-up is given, the teacher will determine a mark at the end of the school year based upon the total history of the student in the course.
Students are to note that their participation in any school based extra-curricular activity is contingent upon acceptable academic performance. As well, students involved in extra-curricular activities that may require missed time from school must accept responsibility to make up for missed work. Breach of this policy will result in a warning, followed by suspension from the activity.