In Newfoundland and Labrador all students must attend school up to the age of 16 years. Once students have registered in this school they must attend class every day unless prevented from doing so by illness or some other legitimate reason. Regular attendance is essential to success in school. It shows commitment and sense of purpose and like punctuality, it is a valuable quality that will keep you in good standing in the work place, at college or university.
What should students do?
1. In case of absence, have your parent/guardian call or email and inform the school. The school may be telephoned beginning at 8:15 a.m. Upon the student’s return, parents or guardians are expected to write a note of explanation to the student’s homeroom teacher. Notes are required for school registers.
2. In case of absence, students are responsible for the completion of all work (homework, term papers and test) assigned in their absence and for making arrangements with responsible fellow students to keep track of work they may have missed.
3. In case of lateness, arriving at school after the start of the home room period or late for class, students must report to the General Office and receive a late slip for admittance to class. Lateness will be closely monitored by the Office. Chronic lateness may result in the notification of parents, detention or school suspension.
4. In case of early dismissal, students must report to the office for an early dismissal slip. Whenever possible student appointments should be scheduled outside of school hours. Leaving school for any reason other than illness requires a note of explanation from parents or guardians. Early dismissal slips will not be issued without the consent of parents or guardians, i.e. phone call or written permission. Leaving for any reason without signing out is considered skipping. and will result in detention to make up the required time.
At Pasadena Academy the cooperation and support of parents/guardians in ensuring student attendance and reinforcing school rules are expected. It is unacceptable for students to be given permission to be out of school, during regular school time, for reasons such as shopping. Such reasons will be treated as un-excused absence. A student who misses school for an unacceptable reason or misses class without obtaining the appropriate early dismissal slip from the school office will not be permitted to return to school until the parent/guardian phones the school, and speaks with the Principal or Vice Principal. Students who skip school or class will be assigned detention to make up the time missed after regular school hours.