All students have the right to learn in a friendly and pleasant school environment. They have the right to good teaching and fair treatment from school personnel. In return, it is their responsibility to show consideration, courtesy and respect for the rights of teachers and fellow students. The teachers have the right to expect regular attendance, proper manners, good effort and preparedness for class work. A school atmosphere that is helpful to learning can only be enhanced through reasonable rules. These rules are meant to encourage each student to be self reliant and responsible. They are intended to help minimize common problems that occur. Each student’s attention is directed to the following:
1. Abiding by classroom rules will help to maintain a positive learning environment. This includes coming to classes with all of textbooks and other materials necessary for effective participate. Requests to obtain these materials from lockers during class time will not be granted.
2. Leaving class interrupts other students and the teacher and must be kept to a minimum. Permission to leave class should only be requested when absolutely necessary. Any student who abuses this privilege with too many requests or extended leaves may be denied such permission (medical problems are an exception).
3. In order to facilitate the regular flow of students and teachers throughout the school, students are not permitted to sit on the stairways, sit on the corridor floors, or to congregate so as to block, or make difficult, the movement of staff and other students.
4. Respect and common courtesy is expected among students and teachers. It must always be shown to those speaking or performing at student assemblies and during school announcements on the P. A. system. Similarly, students are expected to be courteous in manner and obey the instructions of their teachers. In the event that students feel unfairly treated by a teacher, they are advised not to enter into an argument with the teacher in class, but to discuss the matter later, outside of class. If it is serious enough, the matter should be brought to the attention of the administration.
5. It is unacceptable for students to threaten, intimidate, bully or harass fellow students or teachers, in any way. Pushing, shoving and slapping are not acceptable, even if just “fooling around.” Violence, fighting, punching, rough play, gambling and the throwing of things such as snow balls will not be tolerated. Suspension is automatic for fighting.
6. Students are expected to use proper language and orderly conduct. Foul and offensive language (profanity and swearing), unruly conduct, obscene gestures, and physical display of affection (intimate behaviour) between students are considered inappropriate in the school and at school events and will not be tolerated.
7. Rudeness, hostility or defiance of school authority such as refusal to stay for assigned detention are considered serious matters.
8. The welfare and safety of students are of utmost importance at all times, including transportation to and from school. Students are required to obey the bus driver at all times, follow all school regulations while travelling on school buses, refrain from any activity that might endanger another student or distract the bus driver's attention from his/her duty. Failure to abide by these rules will result in loss of bus privileges and/or suspension from school.
9. Smoking is hazardous to your health. It is strictly prohibited on ALL school property, including the grounds around the school, and during all school outings/field trips. Students caught smoking on school premises or during school outings/field trips will be suspended and parents or guardians must contact the school administration before the student returns to school.
10. Any student who brings alcohol and/or illegal drug substances on school property, or is under the influence of such substances will be suspended from school and will not be permitted to attend any school functions or activities. Parents/guardians or the appropriate authorities will be notified immediately.
11. The following are serious offences: theft of school or student property, vandalism or wilful destruction of school or personal property, forging of parent’s name on a note for absence or travel consent form, and bringing dangerous weapons (including cased knives) or replica of a weapon into the school or onto the property. Such offences could merit automatic suspension and or legal charges.
12. During extra curricular activities students are expected to behave in a responsible manner at all times when representing their school during any activity in or out of school. All school rules must be followed during the course of these events.

A happy student is a student who understands the rules and receive positive reinforcement for appropriate behaviour. The staff of Pasadena Academy realizes that the educational and social development of students is enhanced by a consistent and sensitive approach to student conduct and, therefore, encourages students to develop and exercise self control and self discipline at all times. It should also be clearly understood that this school offers no protection to students who violate the laws of the land. Students will be held individually responsible for their actions and will have to accept the consequences of their actions