While at school students are required to dress in an appropriate manner.
1. All clothing must be in good taste. Examples of inappropriate classroom attire include: obscene t-shirts, beach wear, halter tops, and short gym shorts. There should be no spaghetti straps or midriff showing.
2. Students are not permitted to wear any clothing that promotes violence, drugs, alcohol, foul language or makes explicit references to sex.
3. Winter jackets are not to be worn in class.
4. Sunglasses, caps or hats are not to be worn while inside the school. Headgear should not be carried around openly while in the school. It should be placed in a locker or a school bag.


Students wearing inappropriate clothing will be required to get a change of clothing. Any student caught with headgear inside the building runs the risk of having it confiscated and passed on to the office.